From Expats to Experts: United Civil Society through Inclusion and Empowerment of Young Immigrants (FETE) is an international project funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme. The project targets 60 young first-generation immigrants mainly from non EU-countries but currently living in either Italy, Malta, France, or Denmark as the four countries participating in the project. The main goal is to improve labor market inclusion of young immigrants by providing them with the opportunity to deepen their skills through participation in workshops and to gain work experience through the implementation of an internship. All interns are accompanied by a mentor.


Looking for a job is always a challenge. It’s particularly difficult if you’re living in a new country with a different language, culture and labor market conditions. FETE provides you with the chance to gain useful experience relevant for your career.


During FETE you as a participant will join a professional 7 days soft skill training and strengthen your communication, team-building and other social skills that are particularly relevant in the current job market. You`ll also work on your own project (Seed) during a 3 month internship, which can be full-time or part-time according to your own schedule. In addition, you’ll be part of the mentoring programme Mentors and Mentees in Action and have a mentor you can always talk to about your challenges, success stories or career plans.


Last but not least, you’ll get to know people from all over the world and share thoughts and experiences about living and working abroad. You’ll get the chance to talk to other young fellows about your future plans and exchange ideas and thoughts about living in different EU countries and what you learned about yourself.

Create Changes through Providing Chances together



Crossing Borders and its partners in Italy, Malta and France are concerned about the stereotypes surrounding immigration in many European local communities. Some politicians as well as media are often scapegoating immigrants, which leads to an alarming rise of hostility and discrimination.

We would like to highlight the positive things immigrants bring beyond their immediate skills: immigration leads to more diversity, an essential feature of democracy.

We are very glad to commonly work on FETE and tackle the particular challenge of an improved labor market inclusion in Europe. Our project’s aim is to provide 15 participants in Italy, Malta, France and Denmark with a new opportunity to gain and improve work experience and soft skills, which can be used as a significant experience for their professional future. The long-term goal is to develop and publish a human rights-based inclusion strategy for young immigrants living in Europe.



Crossing Borders is glad to work together with



The People for Change Foundation’s (PfC) vision is of a just, fair and inclusive society where all members reach their full potential unhindered by factors such as age, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, national origin, property or other status. Since 2007, the People for Change Foundation has been conducting on-the-ground legal and policy research in Malta and in the fields of migration, asylum and racism in the European Union.


Le Cnam is a professional training center in Nantes and has a specific department in order to support employability. Cnam’s core business is to develop and implement plans that fit to individuals (employees as well as companies) in order to create common changes related to economic, social or technological development. Every year, CNAM provides training courses for more than 5.000 people. It has 7 training centers in the region and employs 800 teachers.



CESIE, which is located in Palermois a non-profit, independent European non-governmental organisation, which was established in 2001. CESIE perceives the world as a pomegranate that symbolises the fruitful unity of people and groups growing together under the same peel. CESIE’s pomegranate grows on all types of grounds becoming a symbol of prosperity in education promoted by the organization.