Italy: Manifesto of Second Generation Migrants

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Italy: Manifesto of Second Generation Migrants

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In 2014, following a public call presented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies on the Italian Migrants Integration Portal, the project “Direct Line with Second Generations” was launched. It involved more than 30 second generation youth associations throughout the whole national territory. This initiative led to the idea of writing a Manifesto collecting their proposals. This Manifesto was elaborated not only through direct meetings, but also through a network collaboration, in particular owing to the area on the Migrants Integration Portal devoted to the initiative. The project aimed at fostering the participation and networking of second generation migrants in Italy, mainstreaming a process of participatory and shared action.

The Manifesto is divided into four sections devoted to work, school, culture and sport, active participation and citizenship. It contains analysis, proposals and practical solutions for each section, adaptable to the various territorial realities and the addressees’ specific needs. The associations involved represent today an autonomous network, influencing policy making.  With the aim of promoting the Manifesto, the document has been translated into ten languages.

It can be read and downloaded here.


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