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FETE Project Key Outputs:

FETE project set out with the ambition of delivering three main tangible outputs. These include:

  1. A report emerging from: A study analysis of young migrant labour market inclusion policies and contexts within the four participating EU countries. This report is embedded below.
  2. This Website (http://fete.crossingborders.dk/) and particularly its Inter(n)changes platform (http://fete.crossingborders.dk/internchanges/) aimed at giving young migrants the online space to interact and develop their skills, tricks and techniques in joining the EU labour market.
  3. And Step-By-Step guide to young mentors working with Migrant inclusion into the EU labour market. This is also embedded below.

You are welcome to read and utilize these products whenever found relevant to your work.

FETE report on the EU policy context in relation to young migrant labour market inclusion:


FETE Step-By-Step guide to young mentors on migrant inclusion in the EU labour market: