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Ways to get a job using the internet … and your skills

The web can be a useful place where you can get tips on job search basics like writing your application, preparing for a job interview, negotiating your salary or having a healthy work-life balance. Just keep in mind, as useful as the internet might be, it doesn’t change the fact that getting out and meeting people is essential for your future career. It doesn’t only help you to strengthen soft skills, which become more and more important on the job market, but also to build a network in your local community. For a fulfilling professional (and of course also private) life getting to know other people is essential. The global network Idealist regularly publishes useful (or at least interesting) advice on how to use networking as a tool to increase the chances of getting the job you want.

In addition to all kinds of tips and tricks, you can find plenty of useful job search engines. However, before you start looking for a job you should ask yourself a couple of questions in order to make sure to use your options in the best way:

  • What kind of job are you actually looking for? What field interest you?
  • Who do you want to work for?
  • Where exactly do you want to work? This includes questions such as: Are you a city person or would you rather work in the countryside? Do you need stability or can (and want) you travel freely?

With those answers in mind, you can start your personal job hunt by using, for example, the following job search engines:

  • Indeed is currently available in over 50 countries and 28 languages, and it posts job openings in the field of your choosing. Here you can find the page for the Danish, Italian and French labor market.
  • Monster is one of the largest employment websites in the world and provides you with the option to choose between various European countries and their labor markets.
  • There are a lot of European job search engines where you can find jobs & internships to gain some experience in a different environment. EurActiv and EuroBrussels are two examples. If you are looking for something as an engineer, EuroEngineerJobs provides very specific job and internship offers all over Europe. If you are interested in working in the field of environment and sustainability have a look here at Jobs in Green.